What We Do
Merton Military Fitness is an outdoor fitness provider that conducts military style fitness classes on Wimbledon Common for males and females of all fitness levels, age groups and abilities. We also provide one to one personal training sessions. Classes involve warm ups, interval training, games, circuit training and stretching/flexibility. Our instructors are friendly and will make you feel welcome when you arrive. You will also be introduced to the other members of the class.
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Classes in Wimbledon Park and Abbey Recreational Ground.
Check back soon for more information!
Reasons to Join
• Get fit and improve health
• Look and feel better about yourself
• Tone up and lose weight
• Gain more confidence
• Meet new friends
• Reduce stress
• Improve teamwork and group cohesion
• Have fun
Corporate Training
MMF is now also involved in corporate group fitness training and team building games. Contact Us for more info.
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